Oct 31st What is the Dirty CoW vulnerability that was announced on Oct 21st 2016

Dirty CoW vulnerability allows attackers to gain root access to servers and take control of the complete system. It allows a system user to bypass standard permission mechanisms that would prevent modification without an appropriate permission set, and thus, enables the attacker to take control over the system. This vulnerability can be exploited ... Read More »

Sep 30th Knowledgebase updated to the latest Version reflecting New cPanel theme

Today we Updated the knowledgebase to the latest Version reflecting New cPanel theme.
If you see any mistakes please email support and we will get it fixed up.

Sep 28th 3 Aliens Web Hosting has implemented a New Affiliate Program

3 Aliens Web Hosting has implemented a New Affiliate programFor every Hosting Package customer you refer orders and continues to pay, you will recieve 30% of the total amount each month that customer pays.So if Joe Blow orders a Platinum Hosting Package and pays $21.95 a month you will recieve $6.58 a month after 90 days.Not a one time payment! ... Read More »

Apr 19th Free SSL Certificates on all 3 Aliens Hosting Packages

Yes you read the title Correctly Free SSL Certificates on all 3 Aliens Hosting Packages, via the Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Icon now located in shared hosting account cPanel.Let's Encrypt for cPanel is a cPanel/WHM plugin for the Let's Encrypt service, which provides 3 Aliens with the ability to instantly issue free trusted SSL ... Read More »

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